The Teen Freedom Movement


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Inspired by Vintologi, I have decided that I will create the Teen Freedom movement. This movement will be about granting teenagers more freedoms so that they can live freely and with purpose. Right now I have a website planned and eventually I will spread the movement onto social media platforms.

Voting Age of 15

The starting goal of the Teen Freedom movement will be to change the voting age for 15. From talking to teenagers, I have come to understand that many of them have a really deep knowledge on many things. They are usually not religious, in favor of rights to bodily autonomy, and in favor of adoption. The problem right now is that many of them are not able to freely exercise their rights. Teenagers represent 13% of the United States population, but as they don't have any voting power, those who are older get to decide the laws. Having teenagers being able to have the right to vote means that those at the forefront of understanding will be able to participate in the political process, leading to much better ideologies.

World Peace Path

As teenagers are incredibly adept with technology and are very active on social media platforms, they are the perfect audience to develop a longstanding relationship with. Teenagers often have extremely high potential and have not become jaded by the college or career experience yet. If their abilities are praised and developed, we could very well be on the path to a more peaceful world.


Overall, the Teen Freedom movement isn't only about helping teenagers, but it is about creating a better life for citizens of all ages. By granting teenagers more freedom, we can show that our society truly values it, leading to more options for all of us.