Algorithm Doppelganger Theory.


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This is a Theory I have Found in my head by connecting some dots.

I Have found it very weird that most people I Have come across online are from a few specific regions which usually Consist of: California, Arizona, Washington State, Houston and Austin Texas, New York State and the United Kingdom.
Does it Sound Strange knowing the Midwest and Alaska area of America have a High Suicide and Depression rate but so few of the people I come across online come from those places.
Also Weirdly Enough Everyone I Met and get along with really well all come from my state.
Almost as if the Algorithm Select People that I get along with.
What if there is a Group of people just like me on a different Algorithm and I will Never see them.

Consist of:
This Theory Consists of the Possibility that Forums like Vintologi are just one of many and we will never hear the name of those other ones as We Will Never talk to a person from those and us and them will never encounter each other while there are MANY doppelgangers to Vintologi.

The Word incel means basically a Man who cant get a female. Now lets say there is another word that we will never know about that means the same thing and lets call it Laydowner.
Just as we dont know the internet slang the Spanish use it is very possible there is region specific slang for America also. And the Algorithm Knows Human psychology well enough to Ensure 99.9999% of People will Never come across the Border to the Ideological Doppelganger group on the internet.

Have you Ever thought about finding another few groups/websites with your same ideology? Knowing there are so many people it got be easy! Nope.

I have Been on the Discord Incelosphere for years. I Have come to realize everyone in one incel group has ties to every other. I Joined a Random incel discord server once and Have come to realize a few of the people from another incel discord server I am in are there also.

Dont you think it is strange how small this is? Almost like a Invisible room.

I am Using the word Doppelganger as I dont know of any better word to use to mean a Clone of a Community we may never hear about



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It's natural that we will see people in the same places a lot, I have seen many people in multiple places already from forums or games, especially since the active people tend to be more visible. Also, California and Texas are pretty large states so it's likely to meet many people from those places in the course of being online.