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  1. Creamer

    the problem is humans, the solution is AI

    too much corruption. from the biased feminist law makers to the courts, justice systems all the way to handyman bailing out on jobs or not willing to work at all. with AI you can check the source code and see if something is fair or not. it just works. foids will keep breeding with the lowest...
  2. Creamer

    happiness is over rated

    it only lasts for a few minutes after you accomplish a goal. this is why sluts always go shopping. they get a short high, than it's on to the next item.
  3. Creamer

    what ever could go wrong? they will probably need an anime and a new make dev staff after sales will suck. cyberpunk 2077 taught them nothing apparently. but regardless GTA just sucks if you are an adult. it's just boring, the assignments feel like a job and...
  4. Creamer

    incel movie script

    Logline: In a world where technology and madness collide, a schizophrenic incel coder creates a deadly Terminator-like robot to unleash his wrath upon society. But as the lines blur between man and machine, he discovers that revenge has a binary heart. Act I: The Code Within Scene 1: The...
  5. Creamer

    Best gender-bender (MtF) anime

    妹汁 / Imouto Jiru / Younger Sister Juice has 2 episodes. it is a hentai and at the end of it the protagonist becomes a female.
  6. Creamer

    Will star-citizen ever be great

    I'm not feeling this game. it's mostly just free roaming. star ocean 2nd story has more game ability and is a better purchase.
  7. Creamer

    ppl think good morning is easy

    foids failed me with their good mornings. they're usually PMSing hard at mornings and they have some retardation with being super bitchy before they drink their latte coffee and shit in the work place toilet while standing on the rim, cause that's what foids do. so you get about a 10% return...
  8. Creamer

    Fuck AMD and intel

  9. Creamer

    should AI be able to generate stories and movie scripts?

    the obvious benefit is, software that will enable the user to request the AI produces a tailored film for him. he could choose plot, characters, time frame, and locations, all the way to the very minute details, while filtering out crap he doesn't like. on the other what is the point of...
  10. Creamer

    hey vinny can your high spec computer run this game?

    probably not. it requires joycons.
  11. Creamer

    a viable solution to hyperinflation is the abolishment of usury

    this is how Germany cured it's economy after the Weimar republic
  12. Creamer

    a viable solution to hyperinflation is the abolishment of usury

    initiation of infrastructure jobs in return for money: giving the money value abolishment of usury to eliminate the debt slavery system in which money is devalued
  13. Creamer

    how BRICS will solve away feminism in the US

    one of the US main source of income has been the federal reserve. the petrodollar ensured other countries had to use the $ to trade between them selves. this meant when the fed printed money other countries paid for it. indeed they could print as much as they wanted pretty much and wouldn't...
  14. Creamer

    some may wonder: what is the ideal number of screens to code

    1 for music (preferably with a good sound system) 1 for shit posting and fap 1 for the IDE 1 for coding cheat sheets so I'd say 4
  15. Creamer

    I wonder why fatties are instinctively hated

    IG it's an evolutionary reason. fatties would eat up your food. but maybe there is another reason. IDK. in modern society fatties don't pose a threat on ones food supply. they eat different classes of foods anyways. but fat foids are just disgusting. maybe it's because they aren't mobile...
  16. Creamer

    discussion on Andrew Tates income streams

    the war room is basically just a forum, but it generates 5k$ per membership. next there is "the real world" which is somewhat like Udemy, but with bullshit courses such as drop shipping and day trading. with 240k members, it's 144M$ a year. his cam model business makes sense, but I can't...
  17. Creamer

    it's kind of funny how gaming will go full circle

    ATM our gaming consoles are screen based: laptops, nintendo switch, PS5, XBox and so on. but in the future the consoles we mostly be spendin time with will be persocoms/chobits/waifubots. at 1st it will be the gamability of fucking them. grind and reward of usage with skill unlocks. then it...
  18. Creamer

    my theory as to why some foids get gender changes to "males"

    many normies are baffled. why would a Stacy get her tits chopped off and her pussy stitched with a role of flesh from her limb? because she knows some gay Chad. or she was rejected by a Chad and concluded he is gay. foids have many copings to rejection by Chad. some build foid harems, some...
  19. Creamer

    is borderland 3 a good game, actually?

    yeah try it. I personally find the computer less than ideal as a gaming platform.
  20. Creamer

    is borderland 3 a good game, actually?

    most online game reviews are subjective sponsored lies, so I don't really know. it's not cheap at 60$. I think, Doom sucked ass, because the enemies simply would not fucking die. gun games should be about killing effectively, not going to a 9 to 5 job.